Pets for Pets were excellent and we would recommend them to anyone looking for a pet transporter. Ian was fantastic and did such a great job at transporting our dog Pia back from Italy (and Pia's reaction when he left showed she missed him!): he kept us informed constantly of what was happening, how Pia was and where they were on the journey. All in all, he made what could have been a very complicated experience into something that seemed effortless and worry-free. We would definitely use Pets for Pets again.

Ian and Leslye, London

Janet delivered Willie as she promised. She made the journey in a single day despite bad weather and holiday traffic. Her dedication and commitment to deliver Willie as agreed was nothing short of heroic. I could have brought Willie down with me but that would have been a big mistake. Moving to a new location carries with it all kinds of "stuff" to get sorted before being in a position to properly care for a dog. PetsforPets provided just the service I needed to allow me the time to prepare for Willie and know that his transport from Aberdeen to London was one less thing I had to work out. I really appreciate all you did to coordinate collection and delivery around my schedule to the degree you could. PetsforPets is a great service when you need to move from one location to another. I've attached a picture of a happy Willie. Thanks Ian, Janet, and PetforPets.

Pat Wild


I'm very pleased with the service of Pets for Pets who have relocated my 2 Bengal cats from South West London to Germany. Having 2 high-maintenance pedigree cats I was a little concerned about the journey but after discussing my concerns with Ian, not only were all my questions answered I was also offered to travel with my cats at a very competitive price which is why I chose Pets for Pets over other pet carrier services. Traveling together with my cats I was able to get a good look behind the scene and I’m impressed by the professional set-up of the Pet for Pet van and the knowledge and care of the driver, not to mention the extremely good driving!!. The Euro tunnel train seemed to settle the cats nicely (must be the motion of the train!) and we checked on them every 3h to make sure they were perfectly alright and comfortable. Having been picked up on time the Pets for Pets driver was able to arrive at the previously advised arrival time with both cats in very good shape and spirit considering the 12h journey. The team at Pets for Pets truly know what they are doing, having taken great care of my cats whilst in transit plus also providing customer service that is over and above their competitors. Would certainly recommend Pets for Pets for any pet relocation needs!

Many thanks, Anne


I really cannot thank you enough for all the help and professional manor you and your employees in dealing with our pets on their journey to Cyprus. If we ever go back to the UK you are the only company I will deal with. Oh and if you have any customers that are coming to Cyprus do not hesitate to contact me for up to date info from out here. Thank you again for all your hard work.

Michelle Christie


"Pets for Pets I would highly recommend to anyone wanting to bring an animal into the Uk. They were professional and looked after my cats' needs and welfare at all times. They were also competitive in their prices and a well organised team who work closely with their customers in order to work out the best way . Bringing my cat from Poland to the Uk could have been very expensive and complicated but thanks to Pets for Pets they made this possible. Thank you"

Diane Henderson

Lunaraine Norwegian Forest Cats


See Nero on Lunaraine website


"A big thank you to Pets for Pets. Exceptional service! I was extrememly comfortable with you taking both my dogs from Riga, Latvia back to the UK. One of my dogs is quite large but you accomodated her easily and comfortably. I would use your company again! Thank you so much!!!"

Becki Perry